2010 Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge

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If you want big flow numbers you have come to the wrong place. If you want more power from your heads then you are at the right spot.

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NEWS: Weingartner Racing is now one of only two companies that is Guaranteeing its flow numbers in the nation. It is easy to claim big flow numbers but I back it up. Seek results not excuses.


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NEW SBC Brodix Dragon Slayer HEADS AVAILABLE. A true race head fully ported and assembled for a solid roller cam for less than $2650Assembled pair

-2.125/1.575 Ferrea valves, standard valve spacing, 68cc chambers,Pac springs up to .800lift, No puhrod pinch requires shaft rockers, flows 335 guaranteed cfm

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New Brodix Trac 1sbc head- Brodix Trac 1 60/40 Valve spacing head. This is the largest and highest flowing standard port sbc head I offer. It has 2.15/1.60 valves and flows a guaranteed 354cfm. Nothing I have flowed has shown more flow throughout the lift range. They do not have a pushrod pinch and require shaft rockers. Fully assembled with Pac springs these run $2950 


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NOW accepting all major credit cards for a small fee.


Yes I port more than just sbc heads


Why choose Weingartner Racing To Have Your Heads or Intake ported or to purchase new heads? Here is some reasons Weingartner Racing flows the heads before and after porting to see how much airflow is gained from porting. I have prices that are far better than many of my competitors and I feel I do as well as them or better. This doesn't mean that I think I am the best but I work my hardest to try to be. I do not give you false promises about how you will do after the heads are ported. I give you honest answers to how the heads will do not exaggerated horsepower claims, flow numbers, or ET improvements to sell products or services. I respond to all calls and emails promptly. I have over a decade of experience in porting. My heads have been on many race winning cars to street hot rods. Every head or intake I do I try my best to make it the best thing I have done.   


My name is Eric Weingartner I am the owner of Weingartner Racing LLC. I do all things related to making engines make more power. I  build engines but the thing I most love doing is cylinder head work. This is why I specialize in all things related to cylinder heads, especially cylinder heads and intake manifold porting. I have been porting heads for over ten years and the last six I have been using my Flowbench to develop new and different ideas. My ported cylinder heads have been used in almost all types of racing from circle track to drag racing and in several years of competing in the Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge presented by Popular Hot Rodding Magazine and Hot Rod magazine. If you have an engine that you want to make more power or some cylinder heads that you wish would perform better, even if they are cast iron, then contact me I would be happy to help. You will find my prices to be very reasonable. I enjoy doing this work and this is the reason for the low prices, besides if racing keeps costing more there will not be many racers left.  

Noteable events evolving Weingartner Racing that I am happy about

-6th place finish in the 2011 Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge

-21st place finish in the 2010 Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge

 -19th place finish in the 2009 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge

-13th place finish in the 2008 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge

-19th place finish in the 2007 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge





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