Examples of Gains With My Porting


Since it is almost impossible to compare the flow numbers from different flow benches I have started this page to show you how much cfm gain I have gotten out of the heads I have ported. Every head is ported to the customers needs which doesn't neccessarily give you the most flow out of the heads. Keep that in mind when looking at the numbers.

                                                      INT   EX                                 INT    EX

EQ Sbc vortec 906---Stock peak-238/168cfm--After porting-252/204cfm


RHS BBC 320cc---Stock Peak-346/270cfm----After Porting-420/300cfm


RHS BBC 360cc--Stock Peak-400/267cfm----After Porting-437/312cfm


ProComp BBC 320cc--Stock Peak-371/232cfm---After Porting-407/287cfm


Patriot BBC 320cc--Stock Peak-369/268cfm--After Porting-383/297cfm


ProComp SBC 210cc--Stock Peak-238/173cfm--After Porting-265/215cfm


ProComp SBF 190cc--Stock Peak-221/158cfm--After Porting-255/199cfm


Edelbrock Performer RPM oval port BBC--Stock Peak 325/226cfm--After Porting-365/267cfm


EQ SBC 200cc--Stock Peak--259/194--After Porting--285/206cfm


Dart Iron Eagle Platinum SBC 215cc--Stock Peak--250/208--After Porting--312/225cfm


RHS Al SBC 220cc--Stock Peak--289/196cfm--After Porting--318/238cfm


RHS Al SBC 200cc--Stock Peak--269/200cfm--After Porting--278/216cfm


Edelbrock Perfomer SBF--Stock Peak--220/176cfm--After Porting--250/184cfm


Eq Vortec heads SBC--Stock Peak 232/171cfm--After Porting--250/204cfm


ProTopline 24degree BBC--Stock Peak 346/270cfm--After Porting--448/315cfm


Profilier 210cc SBC--Stock 277/220cfm--After Porting 310/239cfm


Dart Pro 1 215cc non platinum SBC--Stock 268/194cfm--After Porting--317/224cfm


Edelbrock E-210cc SBC--Stock 264/178cfm--After Porting--301/223cfm


Protopline 215cc SBF--Stock 294/194cfm--After Porting--334/213cfm


Brodix BB2 plus BBC--Stock 356/255cfm--After Porting--387/265cfm


Dart SHP SBC 200cc--Stock 257/196cfm--After Porting--290/222cfm


Dart Pro1 sbc Platiunum 200cc--Stock 260/217--After Porting 317/243cfm


RHS RR 21degree sbc 220cc--stock296/238cfm--After Porting 362/250cfm


Assault Racing SBC 200cc--Stock 271/221cfm--After Porting 315/235cfm


Lt 1 aluminum sbc--stock 225/188cfm--After Porting 254/201cfm


Profiler sbc 210cc--stock 287/232--After Porting 326/251cfm


Afr 195cc non eliminator sbc--stock 270/214cfm--After Porting 292/237cfm


Trick Flow 320cc BBC--Stock367/317--After Porting 386/318cfm


Dart 205cc LS--Stock 277/229cfm--After Porting 308/256cfm


Brodix Trac 1 227cc cnc ported--stock 311/227cfm--After Porting 330/250cfm


RHS 215cc SBF stock--294/180cfm--After porting 344/238cfm


Profilier 210cc sbc--stock 287/232cfm--After porting 321/248cfm


Profilier 195cc Sbc--Stock 273/234--After Porting 313/245cfm