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2010 Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge

Porting Services2010 Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge


Flow Test Cylinder Heads*: $25

Basic Port Match Intake Manifolds: $100

Full Port Intake Manifold: $600

Extreme Intake Manifold Porting: $900 This is for trying to get the absolute most out of your intake

Full Port Job Cylinder Heads: $900 for aluminum small block $950 for big block includes valve job

Extreme Port Job for Cylinder Heads:$1500 for aluminum. This is getting the most I possibly can get out your heads. For another $900 the head can be turned into a cnc program. This port job includes performance valve job




*All flow bench result are produced on a Saenz D680 flow bench using Brezenski bores and slider plates. I have the following bores 4.030, 4.155,4.310, and 4.625. I have the slider plate to flow SBC, SBF, LS, BBC, 440 Mopar, and Ford Mod heads. New plates on the way.