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Seek results, not excuses

- Richard Marcinko

Warranty Disclaimer

Weingartner Racing LLC gives no expressed or implied warranty on any parts or services purchased through Weingartner Racing. I do everything in my power to ensure the quality of the products and services I sell are the best they can be. I am not out to scam, deceive, or rip anyone off but I sell performance parts and services with the intent that they will be raced. As such with racing there are no Warranties. Weingartner Racing LLC will not be responsible for any part failures or other issues that result from part failures. It is the end user’s responsibility to ensure all parts and services will work. I also have a no return policy. If you bought it, you own it. Once again; I am not out scam anyone but I don't want to be scammed either.


About Us

My name is Eric Weingartner. I am the owner of Weingartner Racing, LLC. 

I do all things related to making engines more powerful. I build engines, but I truly love doing cylinder head work. I specialize in all things realted to cylinder heads, as well as manifold porting. 

I have been porting heads for over 10 years and the last 6 of those I have been using my Flowbench to develop and engineer new ideas. 
My ported cylinder heads have been utilized in many different types of racing, from circle track to drag racing to competing in the Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge, presented by popular, Hot Rodding Magazine and Hot Rod Magazine. 

If you have an engine that you're looking to make more powerful, or cylinder heads that you wish would perform more efficiently, (even if they're cast iron) shoot me a message. I would love to help. 
You will find my pricing quite reasonable, because it's hard to look at this as a job , but rather, a passion. 

I believe that if the price of racing continues to rise, there will not be many racers left.